A Certain Demographic
Dates: 13th-18th Aug 2018
Time: 18:15 (19:45)
Price: £8.00 (£6.00) (£5.00SC) (£20.00F)

Drama. New Writing. Historical. Minimal use of strong language. Age 12+

Company Description

Members of A Certain Demographic are united by their mission to tell the story of the pacifists who set up a farming community in a Lincolnshire village during WW2. The cast are a mix of professionals and amateurs based in the area, including Chris who for 30 years farmed the land on which the conchies toiled and whose parents were 2 of the original COs.

Production Description

'Conchies!' tells the story in their own words of WW2 conscientious objectors who dared to be different choosing to farm not fight. What would you have done? Emotional, funny and challenging.

'A powerful evocation' (Damon Albarn). 'Really moving' (Jim Broadbent).