The Naked Dietitian
Dates: 20th-24th Aug 2018
Time: 20:00 (21.00)
Price: £10.00 (£8.00)

Solo Theatre, Drama, age 16+.

LGBT, Adult themes. Spoken and visual reference to self-harm

BSL - Wednesday 22nd August

Company Description

A new collaboration between The Naked Dietitian and New Slang Productions. The poetry and dietetic experience of Lucy Aphramor is honed to extraordinary emotional impact under Tian Glasgow's sparse direction.

Production Description

ENOUGH is a powerful solo theatre piece exposing a life of white, thin privilege through a traumatised body. Can the liberation of one award-winning self-harming poet-dietitian be connected to all liberation? This is a sexy feminist lyrically explosive performance whilst by being body, Mad, queer and age-positive.