Accident Avoidance Training for Cutlery Users

Ian Crawford

Are you fork-friendly? Can you safely operate a butter knife? Do you have spoon-sense? If you use cutlery, or know someone who does, then this deadly serious cutlery safety training session is for you.

‘Forking good health and safety-based comedy has tears rolling down cheeks’ **** (

‘This is a must-see show for anyone with a strong sense of the ridiculous’ **** (

Comedy. Age 12+

This is a solo show performed and written by character comedian Jim Judges.

£8.00 (£6.00) (£20.00F)
Mon, 19 Aug
12:45 - 1:35pm
Tue, 20 Aug
12:45 - 1:35pm
Wed, 21 Aug
12:45 - 1:35pm
Thu, 22 Aug
12:45 - 1:35pm
Fri, 23 Aug
12:45 - 1:35pm
Sat, 24 Aug
12:45 - 1:35pm


Jim Judges assumes the role of Ian Crawford, a cutlery-based health and safety trainer from the Steel & Cutlery Manufacturers Association. He explains the dangers lurking in our kitchen drawers using powerpoint
slides with dodgy animnations, clipart, badly photoshopped images and dubious statistics, and graphic stories about cutlery-related accidents. He advises on safe use of cutlery via demonstrations and memorable slogans, e.g.: "Think once, think twice, think spoon, think fork, think knife." Disturbingly close to real-life training sessions, the only thing missing is print-outs of the slides with space for notes, though there is a certificate at the end, which follows a less-than-taxing "exam".

Jim's deadpan delivery and mild innuendo make this gently satirical show the antidote to health-and-safety training
sessions and public information films. The sell-out audience loved it.

Trigger warning: this show contains (badly photoshopped) graphic images of cutlery-related accidents.

Quaker reviewer