Heroes, Revised

Majk Stokes

What defines a hero in the 21st century? Is it machismo and the ability to rescue people from burning buildings, or can we re-think what we mean by heroism to take in compassion, common sense, activism and doing the jobs that need to be done? Is it protecting your country, or protecting your planet? In the 2020’s, does it take a certain amount of heroism just to get through the day? Join Quaker environmentalist, comedy singer-songwriter and poet Majk Stokes as he explores war, peace, religion, the environment, Marvel superhero movies and trainspotting to find out.

Music, Comedy, Poetry. Age: 12+

Venue 9¾ is a pop-up venue within a venue, visible only to those who appreciate lovingly-created homegrown music and who know where to find it. Discounts may be available for witches and wizards.

£7, £5 concessions from Fringe website. All proceeds from ticket sales go to charity.


Majk Stokes is obsessed by heroes, mythical and real. Riffing on and affectionately parodying Dylan, Lennon and the Troggs, the local folk-rock, comedic-but-with-a-message singer-songwriter explores the inner life of mythical characters - what would Superman do when feeling blue?, does Q envy Bond? - and celebrates everyday heroism: small actions to save a burning world and the NHS and care heroes of the pandemic. In the searing "I'll see you there", Stokes issues a rallying cry for the possibility and power of protest in the face of the environmental crisis. And yet the call to action comes with a warm cushioning of humour - except for eating turmeric-infused porridge, this guilt-ridden middle-class environmentalist reviewer smiled as he acknowledged all the middle-class behaviours he exhibits listed in the parodic "Middle-class hero". A real-life fox hunt, foiled by a tree-planter is recounted poignantly, and the set ends with the rousing "Re-wild things", written as a fundraiser for a now-successful community land buyout in the south of Scotland.

"I write songs, I plant trees, I do what I can" is Stokes' motto. Play your part and be there to listen, laugh and be uplifted.

David Sterratt