Quakers at the Edinburgh Fringe

During the Fringe, the Quaker Meeting House becomes Venue 40. Our venue is in the heart of the historic city centre, and our events run throughout the Fringe. The Quaker Festival Committee and Venue 40 staff endeavour to provide a friendly and welcoming venue for our visiting companies, audiences and tearoom customers.
     We hope you will find a broad and varied programme brought by some popular returning companies as well as by some new and young ones too. They bring you a plethora of issues - historical, political, social, personal - portrayed through drama, music, discussion and graphic art.
     Our values of equality, peace, integrity and simplicity influence our theatre programme selection and the way we run the venue. To help us with this we ask you to consider filling in this questionnaire.
     Local Quakers welcome all who join them in their silence-based Meetings for Worship which take place in our top floor meeting room. These are held daily:

  • Monday to Saturday, at 11.00 am. for about 30 minutes;
  • Sundays at 9:30 am for about ¾ hour and at 11 am for about 1 hour.

Shows on this week

Majk Stokes
Majk Stokes and Friends in Association with Venue Nine and Three Quarters - Make Tea Not War -
4th, 26th and 27th Aug 2018
18:30 (20:30)
Tibetan Monks from Tashi Llunpo Monastery
The Power of Compassion
6th-11th; 13th-18th; 20th-22nd Aug. 2018
12:30 (13:30)
The Sorries
The Sorries
6th-11th: 13th-18th: and 20th-25th Aug. 2018
16.30 (17.30)
Ian Crawford
Accident Avoidance Training for Cutlery Users – Level 2
6th-11th: 13th-18th: and 20th-25th Aug. 2018
20:45 (21:35)
Tibetan Monks from Tashi Lhunpo Monastery
Sacred Dance: The Power of Compassion
13th-18th Aug 2018
14:30 (15:30)
20th-22nd Aug 2018
18:30 (19:30)
Lucy Aphramor
Raise the Roof
20th-24th Aug 2018
11:45 (12:45)
Luath Press Ltd
ScotlandsFest 2018
20th-24th Aug 2018
Session A 13:45 (15:00) Session B 15:30(16.45) Session C 17:15 (18:30)
Tobermory Main Street Players
A World Beyond Man
20th - 25th Aug. 2018
14:30 (15:30)
The Naked Dietitian
20th-24th Aug 2018
20:00 (21.00)