* denotes vegan selection

Breakfast (served from 10am - 12pm)

A chance to relax and look over today's fringe events.

Muesli Crunch *

served with milk, soya milk or yoghurt

Toast * (wholemeal)

Served with choice of preserves and spread


Starters and snacks (Served from 12pm - 5pm)

Served with wholemeal organic bread or oatcakes, butter, flora or soya spread.

Soup of the day * £1.50
Summer Salad Platter * £2.50
Side Salad 70p

Budgie Bites (Served from 12pm - 5pm)

A wide selection of lighter meals for that warm August day

Jacket potatoes

Choice of toppings cheese, baked beans*, egg mayonnaise, hummus*

Extra filling 50p
Filled baguettes

Choose from cheddar cheese and chutney, avocado pear and cream cheese, egg mayonnaise and salad, home made hummus and tomato *


Parrot Feasts (Served from 12pm - 5pm)

A hearty meal to last through all those fringe shows


Made with 3 free range eggs; served with wholemeal bread and salad garnish. Choice of fillings cheese, tomatoes, fresh herbs, mushrooms or roasted peppers

Today's Specials*

Please see Today's Specials Menu Board



All our cakes, biscuit and puddings are freshly prepared. See the display tables for today’s excellent selection.

Biscuits and cookies 50p
Scones £1.00
Fruit Slices £1.30
Selected Cakes £1.30


Chose from our range of hot and cold drinks, Our coffee and tea are fair-trade products

Coffee: mug £1.00
  Cup 80p
Pot of tea, herbal or fruit tea 80p
Hot Chocolate £1.00
Sparkling Water (various flavours) £1.00
Organic fruit juice (various) £1.50
Milk/ Soya Milk 80p

If you have any other allergies or specific requirements please let staff know and we will do our best to help you