Majk Stokes
One more cup of coffee, and then we’ll save the world!
Dates: 14th-18th Aug 2018
Time: 18:30 (19:30)
Price: £8.00 (£6.00) Buy a ticket in advance to guarantee entry or Pay What You Want at the Venue

Music. Poetry. Age 12+

Company Description

Majk Stokes is a comedy singer-songwriter, poet, environmentalist, Quaker and caffeine addict. He has performed on five continents, and his left hand has appeared on television three times. His album, "Too Much Caffeine", is available to buy or to download.

Production Description

After his tour of Australia this year, Majk returns to Edinburgh with the show he performed at the Adelaide Fringe, combining skilfully-crafted comedy songs and poems with a genuine concern for the environment and a passion for good coffee.
"A very individual and versatile songwriter"- Jude Hines, Stagewhispers